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While the accuser’s name has been publicized on social media, we will refer to her as “Defendant Boswell,” as she is listed in Radke’s legal filings. No restrictions have been placed on Radke’s movements.” Radke does admit having a previous “casual intimate relationship” with the accuser, and says that he was in a vehicle with her during the night in question.

Defendant Boswell has made public statements on her Facebook page and in an interview with the New York Daily News accusing Radke of sexual assault. The legal complaint reads, ““Radke decided that Boswell was seriously intoxicated or otherwise debilitated in some manner.

He is joined in Falling in Reverse by rhythm guitarist Derek Jones, lead guitarist Christian Thompson, bassist Zakk Sandler and drummer Ryan Seaman.

He first experienced delight in music by covering the Blink 182 song "Dammit" on the guitar when he was a teen.

Anyone familiar with the glory days of Escape The Fate will know full well the drama that befell the toxic friendship of then ETF vocalist and now Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke and former ETF bassist Max Green.

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Alternative Press published some of the text from the complaint: “The gist or sting of the Defamatory Statements is that Radke is a rapist, an alleged rapist and/or someone who condones rape by members of his entourage and that Radke has been arrested and has posted bailed [sic] for a violent sexual crime.” The complaint continues: “Ronald Radke has been exonerated as fully as can occur in less than one week: The police swabbed the tour bus and the car and found no evidence of a rape. Boswell refused to go to a hospital, instead providing the name of an intersection as the location where she wanted to go.” A passerby who was contacted by Alternative Press told the outlet, “I witnessed the three gentlemen leaving her on the side of the road extremely disoriented and intoxicated.His pants were ripped up; not in a rock ‘n’ roll way, but like he’d been wearing them for several weeks straight. Frontman of Escape the Fate who, after his prison term ended, founded Falling in Reverse.He helped Falling in Reverse earn a top five album on the U. Alternative and Indie charts in 2011 with The Drug in Me Is You.He was once engaged to Emily Elison and had a daughter named Willow Grace Radke with Playboy model Crissy Henderson on June 11, 2013. Ink with Kat Von D, during which he got a tattoo of a frog riding a horse.

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